rose at 11:11 (doriangray1312) wrote in gelatogasm,
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Does anyone know exactly what is in that cup of loveliness known as Casanova?
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i believe its fudge and bits of cake....although I often get bignolosa and casanova mixed up....sweetsoy will probably be able to tell you better though!
casanova is the only reason i believe in a god. one day he was feeling really good about making stuff in the world, i believe it was sometime after he created pandas, and he was like, "you know what this gelato is missing? hella fudge chunks." so that's what he did, he struck his lightning bolt down and when it hit the ground fudge bits exploded everywhere and landed in all the cups of casanova in the land. the end.
casanova is milk gelato (fior de latte) with fudge and fudge dipped meringue pieces

bignolosa is the same with pastry puffs

don giovanni (the best one of all) is amaretti cookies!