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1. name: hayz
2. age: 18
3. location: concord, ca
4. without looking at the info page, name 10 flavors!: raspberry, cranberry yogurt muesli, honeydew, pannacotta, bubble gum, crem caramel, chocolate coconut, pistachio, pecan, pumpkin
5. favorite flavor(s)?: whole grains is my ultimate favorite. i pretty much like all the soy flavors too.
6. favorite flavor combination(s): nutella, biscotti and pannacotta. you cannot beat this combo. this is the BEST combo EVER. it's like christmas in your mouth!! crem caramel and peanut butter chip are really good too. raspberry with nutella and pannacotta is delish.
7. cup or cone?: cup cone
8. best gelatogasm experience (story form or sound form): when i applied there and got hired! i get free gelato every time i work! i get to sample all the new flavors before they get to the public! if that isn't a gelatogasm enough...i don't know what is...
9. fantasy location to have a gelatogasm: portland, or. i am going to college there and i cannot live without gelato
10. fantasy person to have a gelatogasm with:
11. fantasy gelato flavor that hasn't been invented yet: horchata!! i am trying to get trevor, the co-owner, to make it for flavor of the week
12: are you down for gelato parties?: hell yeah. i party it up er time i work!
13: write a haiku about gelato (remember, 5-7-5!!):
whole grains you are so
wheaty, sweet, and treat me good
like a princess okay

wow worst haiku EVER.

i work in the wc store and i can tell you updates and new flavors coming out before they get to the public!!
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