viggy (aryabhata) wrote in gelatogasm,


1. name: viggy
2. age: 19
3. location: santa cruz, ca
4. without looking at the info page, name 10 flavors!: tiramisu, gianduia, mango, scracciatella, eggnog, dulce de leche, nutella, hazelnut, zabaglione... bah. that's nine and my brain's broken.
5. favorite flavor(s)?: scracciatella, zabaglione, eggnog
6. favorite flavor combination(s): well i've only had... something and marzapan, and i can't remember what the something is.
7. cup or cone?: cup.
8. best gelatogasm experience (story form or sound form): braaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwwwaaaa (velociraptor sound)
9. fantasy location to have a gelatogasm: preferably in my mouth, but i'm open minded.
10. fantasy person to have a gelatogasm with: piglet.
11. fantasy gelato flavor that hasn't been invented yet: loaded crepe... or fakin bacon.
12: are you down for gelato parties?: of course nukka.
13: write a haiku about gelato (remember, 5-7-5!!):

the flavor of sweet
melts softly on my taste buds
thank you, gelato
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